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This is a extreme-well accurate BF1 Verdun poster. It shows that Verdun is one of WW1 deadliest battles along with Somme, Gallipoli, Pa...

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New Zealand
Hello, welcome to my DA page. I love FNAF, Countryballs, Racing games including Daytona USA 2, NFS and History which is studying all wars including present, historical wars e.g Arab-Israeli War, WWII, WWI, American Revolution and Philippine Civil Drug War (which is still present now) and any historical events or battles for e.g. Attack on Darwin, Attack on Pearl Harbour, Battle of Hastings and Battle of Gallipoli and Geography(which can be associated with History).

I declare myself an vexillologist because I love flags, especality studying about them. :3

Also, I would love to roleplay in anything I like.

I exercise most of the time, including every day unless things affect my training. I go to the gym every Tuesday to Thursday with a personal trainer most of my time. I eat healthy foods and drinks while I avoid unhealthy ones.

E.g. Healthy food and drink


E.g. Unhealthy foods and drinks to avoid

Fried food
High fat
High sugar

My FNAF Character info
Name : BritishKnight
Gender : Male
Sexuality: Bi heart by Tiny-Forest-Prince
Aka: BK (mostly by :iconangel-tyler:)

terms and conditions about shipping me:
I am Bisexual, which means you can use my FNAF persona to ship with any FNAF characters including your own FNAF persona (FNAC is okay) but anything that is non-related FNAF. You will be banned from shipping me again to any non-FNAF stuff and also you will be required to take down your image,video or anything (which includes your drawing) after I found out that is non-FNAF thing and report volaition against you as harrasment. This term also applies to any social media website including Devianart,Youtube and Google+

Laukku~stamp by Laukku2000
Anti-Laukku~stamp by Laukku2000 (My Dark counterpart will remember her as a comrade even shes works independently)
I Love FNaF by FoxyForLife
I love fnaf regardless of what others say stamp by Stamp3Maker
Respect History Stamp by sugaredheart
History Stamp by HeavenlyCondemned
Stamp: History by zoro4me3
history channel stamp by keysan
TIM-idatro Fan, Stamp by bonnie114
WWII Stamp by viruscide
WW2 Aircraft Stamp by Kant0Kid
WW2 Stamp by Kant0Kid
Badass Nose Art - Stamp by Lar-Ki
Stamp: Mizuki-T-A Fan! by xGGlitch
True Capitalist Radio Fan Button by thebestmlTBM
Laukku-gif by vocaloid121
F2U: colorful ANIMATED simple fun small art status by emocx
GIFTS : FRIENDS by emocx
I Love Warplanes Stamp by WaffentragerE100
I Love Warships Stamp by WaffentragerE100
I Love Tanks Stamp by WaffentragerE100

My Lovely brothers <3 :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
:icontim-idator: :icontayma2uky: :iconxxfivenight18xx:

SEXY PEOPLE :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
:iconaggablaze: :icondevil-andy: :iconlaukku2000: :iconfnafnations: :icongirlcooler: :iconbigkgirl: :iconvaleferrati:

:iconcaptainfoxy18: :icongtshadowlr: :iconjinglejengo: :iconcreps-fnafgamer87: :iconfazbearmations:



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community

Hey comrades, when it comes to my birthday on May 17th, there are rules regarding giving your B-day gifts to me.

1. You are allowed to put birthday cakes including FNAF cakes in my profile if you want but don't forget to include military emotions or icons. 

2. If you make a B-day poster involving me in it, it must ethier include a military parade or anything involving military such as me shooting the Apple near :icontayma2uky:'s head (I think) don't make a poster of you giving me a cake or a present because that's boring. 

3. It can be any military parade such as airplane or airforce parade, tank parade, soldier parade, Navy parade,  or anything that is related to military. (This includes military police parade and BF1 with models as well but it excludes too advanced military such as Halo)

4.You can include a Military band is also included as well along with National Anthems, Patriot songs of countries or other miltary history songs. Songs such as British Grenadiers, Scotland the Brave, Army goes rolling along, Poland has not yet lost and The Star-Spangled Banner along with war songs such as Defenders of Moscow. 

5.When you make an military parade wallpaper, ensure that you include any FNAF characters as soldiers, crossovers with FNAF such as FNAC or TF2 are allowed.

6. If you didn't make a military B-day parade on time cause you got other stuff to do, that's fine. You can still make a late military B-day parade for me or saying on my profile with a FNAF cake and a military icon as well or anything else idk. If you are unsure, you can ask me about it. 


(more updates will come or updated without notice idk)


:iconlaukku2000: Check this out and look at the fact of mario in the intro on the bottom.

Poor Faz. (Speech)
Mr-Spring-Lock (I chatted to you in notes before when I told you about what happened to Faz, but you didn't respond back to me)

Hey guys, I have a sad news for our comrade Faz. In steam, Faz told me  that he was lonely and I felt down when he said that but more shockingly that he was cheated by his GF that he believed the lair by the name of Hell-Blitz cause he said that he told the truth about his GF in which she said that he can stay lonely forever and go kill himself since he believed the lair. I felt dead from the inside since he gave the quick dark story me and I asked him that does he want me to spread the dark message to Spring-Lock only but he changed his mind and wants me to spread the message to everyone that he knows. Give Faz the love he wants. He deserves it.

Cheer-up song for Faz: Yankee Doddle,

:iconfazbearmations: You might-of moved on already but you still want me to spread the message, do you? I kept your promise comrade.  



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